Monday, April 8, 2013

Kelburn IPA: Dry Hopping

Yesterday I dry hopped the IPA I brewed two weeks ago.  I was initially going to put the hops in the fermenter after a week, but after some Internet sleuthing I decided on a two week period.  To do this, I took a (way oversized) nylon straining bag and boiled it in water to clean/sanitize.  Then, I took 1/2 oz of Pacifico(a)? and 1/2 oz of Motueka that had been in the refrigerator since brew day and put them in the bag.  I tied off the top, opened the fermenter, and dropped it in.

I've heard things about adding a weight so the hops go to the bottom and maybe I should have but this was my first dry hopping experience and I went simple.  I'm going to wait a week and then bottle next Sunday.  Hopefully I've collected enough bottles by then...
The bag.

The cooler.

The beer.  Dark!

In it goes.

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